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Web Services

Creating custom websites is what we do.

Outfox IT Services is a unique company focusing on the development of custom websites, mobile apps, social media, seo and more.

We create websites that drive sales.

What are Web Services?

Web Services is anything related to: websites, mobile applications, social media needs, online advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO). Outfox IT Services also offers website hosting and domain purchasing so our clients can have everything handled in one place.

Website Creation

Outfox IT Services - Responsive Website Design and Creation Web Services
  • Webpage layout and redesign
  • Content creation and image editing
  • Database implementation
  • Custom coding and script writing
  • Analytics and Metadata writeup

SEO & Social Media

Outfox IT Services - SEO and Social Media Web Services
  • SEO - improve search ranking
  • SEM - online paid ads
  • Social Media maintenance
  • Blog and article writing
  • E-newsletter services

Mobile Applications

Outfox IT Services - Mobile Application Development Web Services
  • App design and planning
  • Coding for Android and Apple
  • Push Notification Certificates
  • App store placement
  • Database and Analytics

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Outfox IT Services - Making Responsive Websites

Why choose us?

Listening to our clients and what they need from their web services is what sets us apart from other web design and marketing companies. We don’t make one size fits most, template-based websites that limit our clients to a small amount of choices. Instead, our client’s come to us to have flexible sites made that grow with the needs of their company.

At Outfox IT Services we offer our clients responsive websites and mobile apps at reasonable prices, so they can get the web services they want at a price they can afford.

Types of Web Services

Website Creation

Grow your customer base using your website.

Outfox IT Services Website Creation - Grow Your Business

Reach, Engage, Covert

A website is the easiest way to find and engage with customers looking for products and services in your area.

Most customers will only visit a website once before making a decision to not return. Keep potential and returning customers engaged with a site designed to drives sales.

Hear from the owner.

This Fidelity Power Vision interview can help educate you on Web Services.

In this video Kelli Schilling owner of Outfox IT Services talks about Web Services. She discusses the company’s mission and approach to working with clients, how to find the right website platform for you, SEO and how business owners lose money.

SEO & Social Media

SEO creates better website visibility.

Outfox IT Services SEO and SEM - Better Website Visibility
Can customers find your website? Everyone has a website today but how do customers find your business among all the others online. Search engine optimization (SEO) is what makes the difference in getting seen by customers and losing out to your competition.

Websites that have increased SEO have 53% more traffic, and those found on Google’s first page get 92% of all traffic.

Hear from Google.

Let the experts at Google who created SEO guide you.

In this video Google gives advice for hiring a good SEO administrator for your website. They also let you know what to look out for and what a bad SEO might suggest.

Social Media Maintenance increases sales rates.

Outfox IT Services Social Media Maintenance - Keep Customers Returning

New prospects cost 5x more to convert.

Turn old customers into returning customers by keeping them engaged.

It can cost 5x more to convert new prospects to paying customers when compared to retaining established customers. Social media marketing is a cheaper and more cost-effective way to keep customers coming back to your website and store.

Email & Website Hosting

Get your website online today with secure and fast website hosting.

Outfox IT Services Web and Email Hosting - Lower Hacking Risks

Fast, Secure, Professional

Outfox IT Services offers a full line of website and email hosting services. Lower your hacking risks with fast, secure, and professional website hosting. You can purchase: domains, website hosting, website security packages, SSL, file storage, email hosting, and email marketing options.

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps can bring added value to customers

Outfox IT Services Mobile Application Development - Add Value to Customers

Use Push Notifications and mobile specific features to keep customers involved in your business.

Would you like to market direct to customers, while always staying visible, and advertise somewhere your customers are guaranteed to notice you?
Mobile applications are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to build brand recognition and advertise directly to your customers. These applications can be coded to learn more about customer behavior and engagement when done by a professional.

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