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Kelli Schilling Owner of Outfox IT Services LLC. Website Solutions / Mobile App Developer - Designing Custom Experiences for Clients.

Kelli Schilling

Designing Custom Experiences for Clients

Website Solutions / Mobile App Developer

Kelli Schilling is a creative professional, web developer, and business owner who specializes in creating unique web-based experiences for her clients. She also has extensive experience in coding and information technology, which makes her a requested speaker for technology-based topics.

Kelli has over 25 years of experience in graphic design, marketing, web design, and most recently mobile application development. After working for several international companies both in Boston and New Orleans, she made the decision to bring her expertise in marketing web solutions to the local market and started her own company, Outfox IT Services LLC.

Outfox IT Services helps small and medium sized companies get the customized web exposure they need at affordable prices.

Overall Experience

I have over 25 years of experience in graphic design, marketing, web design, and most recently mobile application development. The graphic below shows the percentage of proficiency I have in each field of technology used in Web Services.

Graphic Design

Web Design

Coding / SEO


Outfox IT Services

Web Services:
  • Creating custom website experiences for clients. Direct coding experience in: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and MySQL.
  • Android App development in Java and XML coding, debugging, and launching apps. Experience using Android Studios for UI / UX.
  • Ability to create certificates for: SSL, APN, private keys, and much more.
IT Services:
  • Computer systems troubleshooting - onsite or via remote access support.
  • Electronics selections for hardware and software purchases. Computer education is also available to instruct staff on newly installed systems and machines.
  • Network systems support with setup, backup and remote access for troubleshooting.

IT Admin

  • IT management of network system, including: QuickBooks database server, file servers, email, and voice over IP phone system. Administrator of a 15+ user network with both PC and MAC platforms integrated.

Marketing Planning / Graphic and Web Designer

  • Developed the Parish government's first tourism website. This site was created as a resource to book everything needed for trips to the area.
  • Wrote and implemented the government's latest rebranding of the tourism website. This custom website features HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript functonality. SEO to improve rankings, and total customization based on Parish government's branding.
  • Responsible for design and layout of Plaquemines Parish tourism marketing materials including: regional and national print ads, web ads, LED and static billboard displays, trade show booths, brochures, posters and promotional items.
  • Created the parish's first annual report that was distributed state wide.
  • Created specific materials for economic development that featured the area’s opportunities. Detailed booklets on available property were made in print and online to market industrial sites.

Graphic Designer

  • Lead company’s 2005 website redesign.
  • Designed company’s trade show booths for attracting new B2B and retail customers. Booths ranged in size from: tabletops, small to medium sized pop-ups, and 20 foot and larger expandable international booths.
  • Created consistent branding and product packaging for the company’s signature line of retail products.
  • Responsible for design and layout of the company’s first in-house produced catalog; meeting a distribution of 250,000 mailed pieces per quarter.
  • Directed product photoshoots for company retail sales materials.

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